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  Similajau National Park combines rich virgin forest with one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Malaysia with miles of unspoiled white and golden sand and rocky beaches facing the South China Sea.

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  Located at Sayat Sayat station, Mount Kinabalu, the Malaysia Book of Records listed the highest public payphones in Malaysia and South East Asia at 3,810 meters above sea level, just 1.2km below Low’s Peak.

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  You’d think that with the advent of Skype and Wap phone, ham radio would be sucked into the black hole. But think again, because the analogue radio is alive and kicking as a toy for radio-heads.

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  Those venturing into the jungle must be cautious as there are unseen beings dwelling among those that can be seen. CASEY NG writes about the taboos and hoodoos commonly practised by experienced trekkers.

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  The most comprehensive calendar of events, exhibitions and celebrations that will take place in Malaysia throughout 2011, as compiled by the AdventureMalaysia crews.

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  With max output of 16 lumens running on two CR2032, Petzl e+Lite isn't the latest and brightest light there is, but what it lacks in power it more than makes it up with its lightness and size.

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